Ways You Can Help

Sponsor a Colony

Unfortunately in Iowa it is often cheaper to handle nuisance complaints in a lethal manner than it is to relocate. This is due to the nature of relocation and the effort it requires to treat the beavers well and transport them to a new location. While we are doing everything we can to receive grants and donations to make this inexpensive, if you find you want to help and are interested in supporting a colony, we can match you with a colony in need so the expenses are covered to relocate the beavers at free charge for the landowner who is unable or unwilling to cover expenses.

Donate Tree Matter

Another way locals can help is to donate Willow, Aspen, and Cottonwood twigs and saplings to the Iowa Beaver Project to use in relocations and holding centers while we catch the remainder of the colony. If you have Willow, Aspen, and Cottonwood twigs on your property and would be willing to share, please use the form below and select "Food Donation." Aspen twigs are their favorite!

Donate Other Materials

If donating materials is something you are interested in, there is a variety of other materials we need throughout our Beaver Season (end of June thru September). Please contact us below for the complete list. This list ranges from apples, kiddie pools, tarps, sweet potatoes, 4-gage wire mesh, etc!


Please leave us your information and interest and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.