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Iowa Beaver Project

Serving the state of Iowa

Des Moines, IA 50319

(951) 833 0375


Common questions about our operations

Where do you offer service?
Iowa Beaver Project is currently a state-wide operation. If you are in Iowa, we can get to you!

How does it work?
Contact us with your complaint, and we will assess the complaint to make a detailed mitigation plan. Each beaver plan is a little different than the last. Sometimes we have to be just as creative as the beavers!

Can I volunteer?
Contact us on our Volunteer Form to learn more about our exciting volunteer opportunities! We would love to hear more about your talents and how you can help IBP. Don't hesitate to contact us with ideas!

How long does a flow device last? Do they work?
Flow devices have worked across the United States fantastically, and it's our goal to promote their use in Iowa. We use the same methods as Beaver Solutions in Massachusetts, founder Mike Callahan has resolved over 2,000 beaver conflicts using flow devices. The various devices have lasted successfully 15 years and counting. Maintenance is minimal, but we offer a maintenance plan with the flow device to help ensure it lasts.


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Photos Provided by Scott Knight