Let us introduce ourselves


The Iowa Beaver Project is a state-wide project with the goal to promote coexistence with beavers in Iowa. We believe Iowa's wetland ecosystem matters and through our work we want to support the role beavers play in restoring it. While beavers can cause issues for crops, road culverts, and flooding, these exact behaviors of the beaver are what offers such amazing ecosystem benefits historically. We want to offer Iowa options to coexist while mitigating damages. Everybody can win!

Our Mission:

Our mission for the Iowa Beaver Project is to provide the state with non-lethal beaver management and in doing so, promote wetland and watershed restoration. We deeply value wildlife and believe beavers help provide many Iowa species an opportunity to flourish. We serve our community by providing technical support to public and private landowners experiencing beaver conflicts. We aim to increase awareness of riparian system function and stream complexity through the presence of beavers, and build knowledge across Iowa of the beaver's critical role as keystone species in creating Iowas important wetland ecosystems. 

Background of Beavers in Iowa:

Iowa has a long history with beavers, stretching back before the settlement of Iowa. Beavers reportedly disappeared from Iowa sometime early 1870s, causing 1872 to be the year beavers were put on the "continuous closed season list." It was a long fifty years before beavers were rumored to have returned in Woodbury County along the Missouri River in 1920. By 1930, a localized population had established and beavers were considered an Iowa resident, once again, and in 1936 15 counties reported to positively contain beavers. At this point, all of these counties were located along the Missouri River. In 1949 the population reached a point where the population was flourishing, and a trapping season was opened. Beavers have proven to be incredibly resilient across Iowas landscape, and because of the numerous ecosystem benefits they offer, the Iowa Beaver Project is dedicated to finding ways to coexist with them to help us restore the wetland ecosystems of Iowa.

And, lets not forget, they are absolutely adorable! Don't just take our word for it! Watch This Video of a beaver at a wildlife rehabilitation center after being abandoned as a kit. Remember, beavers are wild animals, and the people in the video handling the beavers are licensed to do so.

Volunteer With Us

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Application. Because we are a state-wide operation, we are looking for volunteers all around Iowa. There are many ways you can help, don't hesitate to contact us if you have a special talent or idea for the Iowa Beaver Project!

Paige standing by a very creative beaver lodge.

Volunteers get the opportunity to learn about the complexities of wetland ecology, wetland management, wildlife dynamics, watershed systems, and so much beyond beavers.


Donations do not have to be money! Consider visiting our Sponsoring page. Relocations in particular take time and resources! They require volunteers, food for the beavers, transportation costs, fresh water, and most importantly the beavers have to stay cool. Any amount is helpful, and don't be afraid to Contact Us for more info about our needs for timber.

Partnership Opportunities

Iowa Beaver Project is a new project in the state of Iowa, currently in search of partners to assist and benefit the goals of our project. If you feel you or someone you know might be a good match to partner with our project, please contact us to work together to benefit beavers, the ecosystem, biodiversity, and watersheds across the state of Iowa, please Contact Us.

Proud Partners